What's the Best Capsule Filling Machine for Your Business?

- Thursday, November 17, 2022

If you're thinking about scaling up your pharmaceutical or nutraceutical business quickly, investing in an automatic capsule filling machine would be a smart move. Yet, for the uninitiated, finding the best automatic capsule filler can be challenging. But don't worry, we're here to help. This article will give you the lowdown on what you need to know when picking out the best automatic capsule filling machine. And feel free to check another post, if you want to learn the key features of the best manual capsule filler.

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Before we get to the point, let's take a look at the types of capsule fillers. Fully automatic capsule filling machines are the third type of capsule filler available on the market, in addition to manual and semi-auto models.

automatic capsule filler

You are certainly no stranger to the latter two. The fully automatic one is a machine suitable for large-scale commercial manufacturing. It's specifically designed to fill powder, pellets, granules, micro-tablets, liquids, and combinations into hard-shell capsules in an automated fashion.

What are the features and benefits of the best capsule filling machine?

There's no doubt that you can get more out of an automatic capsule filling machine compared to using the manual and semi-auto types. The point is you need to use the best equipment.

Here are the five most common benefits of integrating the best capsule filling machine into your capsule filling line.

1. Higher production speed

First and foremost, the best capsule filling machine is typically PLC-powered and equipped with variable frequency drives (VFDs). These VFDs provide precise variable speed control functions, enabling the capsule filler to manufacture more than those that could be produced by any hand-operated or semi-auto machines.

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Today, automatic capsule filling machines can give an output ranging from 24,000 to 450,000 caps per hour depending on the formulations, having all your production needs covered.

2. Consistency and reliability

The best automatic capsule filling machine can ensure higher accuracy and precision than a hand-operated or semi-auto capsule filling process.

When filling capsules with poorly-flowing powders, achieving the fill weight uniformity can be tricky. The best capsule filling machine is now equipped with a vacuum loading system on the powder hopper. This system allows dosing at uniform fill weights using a vacuum, ensuring a smooth material flow at a high encapsulation speed.

In addition, the best automatic capsule-filling machine consists of a range of high-performance parts, such as a dosing disc. The dosing disc is customizable and comes in many different types to fit a variety of applications. The dosing disc can precisely control the fill weights, ensuring a reliable and consistent production run.

capsule machine dosing disc

3. Versatility and flexibility

Automatic capsule filling machines are not always built for one single product. The best capsule filling machine is capable of handling the full range of capsule sizes from #000 to #5. In addition, the best model is designed for handling multiple formulations, including powders, pellets, granules, micro-tablets, liquids, and combinations. If your company plans to fill multiple products, a versatile capsule filling machine will be your best bet.

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Further, flexibility is certainly another feature of automatic capsule filling machines. The best capsule filling machine can work in synergy with other support equipment, allowing your production line to run more smoothly and efficiently.

4. Simple operation and low maintenance

Automation endows the best capsule filling machine with the features of simple operation. The capsule filler provides a range of continuous processes, minimizing human intervention. All settings, such as feeding, separating, filling, closing, discharging, and more, will be set on an HMI touchscreen, enabling you to easily control all machine's attributes.


Also, the best capsule filling machine is well designed for easy assembly and disassembly, allowing quick tooling changeover and easy maintenance.

5. Scalability

Finally, your business can expand with the help of capsule fillers. The design of the best automatic capsule filling machine allows for more filling stations to be integrated in parallel and speed upgrades, providing scalability to keep up with the pace of your production and demand increase.

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How to choose the best capsule filling machine: 6 things to consider

Finding the best capsule filling machine for your business can be challenging since there are so many products available on the market today. When you're looking for a capsule filler that suits you best, here are 6 things you need to keep in mind.

1. Size of the machine

This is one of the most crucial factors you should consider. The machine's size is related to its power efficiency and production capacity. Though automatic capsule filling machines are suitable for large-scale production, it still depends on your business's unique needs.

machine size

To determine the size of your machine, you should do your own math first. Do you have enough shop floor space to accommodate a new, large unit? How many capsules do you want to produce per day? How many capsules can you sell per month or year under normal conditions? With these questions in mind, you can pick out what kind of machine you'll need.

2. Size of capsules

If you're engaged in manufacturing dietary supplements, capsule sizes #00 and #0 are the most popular options because they are easier to swallow. Yet, the capsule size varies from product to product based on the density or mass of your formulations. It means "Fill Material A" and "Fill Material B" may not fit the same capsule size even though they weigh the same. So, choose the capsule filler that can handle the capsule size right for your formula.


3. Product quality

Most people would agree that product quality is important, but not everyone agrees on what high quality is. For instance, some people value luxury and durability, while others may value efficiency or easy operation more.

The quality of an automatic filling machine is determined by how well it lives up to user expectations. It can be measured by market price and consumer satisfaction. The best capsule filling machine will function way better and last longer than its competitors, even if it carries a higher price tag.


The most immediate way to judge the quality of a capsule filling machine is to go through customer reviews. The feedback will help you know what other customers think about the machine.

4. Features

Features are an element of the best automatic filling machine to make it stand out from its rivals. The equipment's features are typically available on the manufacturer's website or its marketing materials, allowing you to get a rough idea of the machine before buying.

marketing material

If you're looking for the right capsule filler, you should figure out if it has the features you need. If so, then go ahead and take the next step. Features matter because they can increase customer satisfaction by offering benefits that people value.

5. Value for money

Automatic capsule fillers always have a hefty price tag, so you should ensure that your purchase is worth the cost. The best capsule filling machine not only delivers optimal performance but also offers the best value for money.

value for money

The best way to decide if the capsule filling machine is worth buying is to do your research. Compare its price and features with those of other similar machines. Find out if the equipment will serve you for a long time.

6. Customer service

Considerate customer service is an integral part of the best capsule filling machine. Modern machines are all complex systems that require professionals for maintenance or repair if necessary. When considering a purchase, you need to know whether the equipment manufacturer or supplier offers operator training, field service, and other technical support.

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Let's get started with the best capsule filling machine today!

At iPharMachine, we strive to offer the highest-quality capsule filling machines to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies across the globe. Below, we'll walk you through some of our state-of-the-art products that may be just what you're looking for.

1. NJP-1200C 

The NJP-1200C Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is the iconic iPharMachine product, as well as one of our best-selling automatic capsule filling machines. Thanks to fine craftsmanship and high performance, this product has received a lot of positive reviews from customers around the world.

njp 1200c

cGMP-compliant and CE-marked, the NJP-1200C comes in a 304 stainless steel construction with a small footprint. It's designed for filling powder, granules, micro-tablets, and pellets into hard-shell capsules. Empowered by multiple patented technologies, this machine provides you with robust design, high filling accuracy, outstanding production flexibility, and long service life.


  • PLC control system, digital display
  • Improved turntable, built with made-in-Japan linear bearings for longer service life and enhanced filling precision
  • Continuous monitoring for real-time alarms and alerts
  • Multiple mechanisms with patented technologies
  • Built-in reject system and industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Simple to use, low-maintenance, easy-changeover
  • Equipped with interlocking guards for operator safety

Technical data:


72,000 caps/h

Segment bores


Capsule sizes

#00-#5, safety capsules

Oral dosage forms

Powder, granules, pellets, micro-tablets

Power supply

380/220V, 50/60Hz, 6kW

Noise level



1180 x 1340 x 1980 mm

Net weight

1000 kg



The SFK-700 is the most popular model from our state-of-the-art SFK Series Automatic Capsule Filling Machines. The production capacity of this machine can meet the needs of small or medium-sized to large pharma and supplement companies.

sfk 700

Both superior craftsmanship and exceptional performance enable the SFK-700 to rival the most advanced automatic capsule filling machines in the global market. This future-proof machine features a modular construction that allows for handling a wide range of formulations, including powder, pellets, micro-tablets, and more.


  • Robust, flexible modular design
  • SIMATIC control system and HMI touchscreen, NORD motor, SANKYO gearbox
  • High-quality electrical components for enhanced durability and stability
  • Continuous cam control, use FCD700 camshaft
  • Well-manufactured stainless steel parts without burrs and sharp edges
  • Low noise, easy integration, easy to clean, low maintenance, quick changeover
  • Built with interlocking guards for operator safety
  • Small footprint, low energy consumption

Technical data:


42,000 caps/h

Segment bores


Capsule sizes


Oral dosage forms

Powder, granules, pellets, micro-tablets

Power supply

380/220V, 50/60Hz, 3kW

Noise level



951 x 1551 x 2155 mm

Net weight

2500 kg


Final thoughts

If you've read this far, you must have a very clear idea of how to pick out the best automatic capsule filling machine. The right equipment will help improve the precision and productivity of your capsule manufacturing work. Also, your business can benefit from it in the long run.



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