Capsule Separating Machine CNJ-01 working principle

- Friday, September 20, 2019

The machine utilizes the principle of biomimetics. The left and right AB mold plates are equipped with 100 movable swing arms. The capsules are sucked into the die holes of the die plate through the negative pressure of the fan, and are transferred to the cut points of the two plates, and are positioned by the limit steel pins. The swing arms of the two die plates respectively divide the cap and body of the capsule, and the die plate rotates to separate the capsules, and the caps and bodies of the capsules respectively come out from different blanking ports.


1. Press the fan switch, put 4 capsules in order on the A disk, turn the B disk counterclockwise to the tangent position of the AB disk by hand, and check that the position of the capsule, must be in the center line position (release the eccentric post fixing screw, turn Eccentric column, adjust the positioning of the steel needle so that the capsule is in the midline position).

2. Start running 30S, then pour into the capsule.

3. Press the feeding switch to adjust the feeding gate and deliver the appropriate amount of capsules. If too many capsules will block the passage, the rotation of the limit limit brush wheel will be blocked.

4. Separate different types of capsules: 000#, 00#, 0#-2#, three different specifications of the Capsule Separating Machine are used independently, can not be used interchangeably.

  • Rotate the mold plate by hand in the direction indicated, loosen the fixing screws of the module on the mold plate, take out the module, replace the module to be used, and press the fixing screw (Note: the installed module is in the die guide groove) There is no friction in the middle movement, otherwise it will affect the sub-sac effect.
  • If you want to remove the die change module, first loosen the fixing screw of the capsule positioning pin, take out the positioning pin, then loosen the fixing nuts of the two die plates, and remove the die plate.
  • When reinstalling the mold plate, pay attention to the module swing arm on the AB mold plate as far as possible in the same horizontal line, otherwise it will affect the sub-sac.


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