Capsule & Tablet Counting Machine HD-100: FAQ & Maintenance

- Sunday, July 7, 2019


Capsule & Tablet Counting Machine HD-100, Environment for installation and using: room temperature, and please do not use the machine in the environment of high temperature, humid, acid or alkaline, otherwise the service life, efficiency and precision of the machine will be affected.

Tools and materials for cleaning: water and dry soft cloth

Before operating, please check:

  • Whether the counting mold loosens, please tighten it immediately if there is any looseness.
  • Whether the power cord is damaged. It needs to be reliably grounded.
  • Whether there is any abnormality during pilot run, and any problem shall be solved in time.

The work surface needs to be cleaned after each shift. Need to remove the counting mold to clean.

Cleaning: use fresh water to clean the counting mold, and the water temperature shall not exceed 40℃, baking and exposure are not allowed.

Regular maintenance

  • Clean the machine surface regularly.
  • Maintain the counting mold regularly.
  • Please turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord if the machine is stopped using for a long time, and the machine needs to be covered with a dust cover.


Q: How to adjust the scale division of the counting mold?

A: Rotate the counting mold controller for adjustment and the scale division is not suggested to exceed 1, and the machine is set to rotate for half a circle before delivery.

Q: How to deal with counting inaccuracies?

A: Check whether the counting mold is full of materials when the counting mold goes to the highest point, if not, full fill the mold with materials manually.


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