CDR-5A Capsule / Tablet Counting Machine: Components & Installation

- Tuesday, September 10, 2019



CDR-5A counter component CDR-5A counter

1. Hopper

2. Height adjusting thumb screw

3. Discharging limited block

4. Supporting legs

5. Vibrating tray

6. Infrared emitter (sensor)

7. Discharging direction changing flipper

8 /9. Visible window nut

10 /11. Discharging hopper

12. Y-shaped positioner

13. Height adjusting thumb screw

14. Positioning thumb screw

15. Pallet

16. Selective switch for one-off / continuous operation

17. Bottling number

18. Dynamic counting number

19. Pre-set counting value

20. Presetting

21. One-off operation

22. Vibration controller

23. Stop

24. “-”

25. “+”


CDR-5A counter

1. Power switch

2. Fuse

3. Power cable


  1. The pill counting machine is equipped with two sets of discharging hopes with diameter of Φ22mm and Φ26mm (8).
  2. A marked M8 hex socket screw on the bottom of the machine is for shock resistance during transportation. And It needs to be unscrewed before operation.
  3. Loosen the thumb screw on the left of the counting machine, open the front door of the counting machine, and remove the 2 spacer blocks under the vibration bracket.
  4. Sensitivity adjustment: during feeding, press and hold “+” and “-” for 6 seconds at the same time, the number of the bottling counting and the dynamic counting are reset, and after a “tick” is heard, sensitivity adjustment is done. If the machine cannot count accurately, re-adjust the sensitivity.

Panel description:

Electrical box panel---LED screen display window

  1. The 0.8” inch LED screen on the first line is for showing dynamic counting number of capsules /tablets.
  2. The 0.4 inch LED screen on the left side of the second line is for showing bottling counting number.
  3. The 0.4 inch LED screen on the right side of the second line is for showing preset capsules /tablet counting number.

Setup for first time or initialization

Turn on the power switch on the rear side of the electrical box, and the LED screens lights up, at the same time, the buzzer tingle for 3 times. The preset capsules /tablet counting number is set to be 0000 before delivery.

For the first time turning on the machine, the capsules /tablet counting preset number on LED screen will flickers, if it is 0000. Press the presetting key, the ones place flashes, and press “+” to increase the value, and “-” is for decreasing the value. And then press the presetting key again, tens place flickers. Continuously press the presetting key, the LED circularly flickers from ones place, tens place, hundred place to thousand place.

When the preset counting number is 0000, the vibrator does not work, and it is ready for operation when the preset number is bigger than 1.

Figure 1: the LED screen before setting.

counter panel

figure 1

Figure 2: the LED screen of a machine on service.

counter panel

figure 2

Number 100: the preset counting number,

Number 88: the dynamic counting number of capsules /tablets,

Number 268: bottling counting number. When reset the capsules /tablet bottling value, the number show in LED screen will be cleared. Long press “+”, capsules /tablet counting number will cleared and long press “-” to clear the bottling counting number.

Selective switch for one-off / continuous operation: turn the switch to “0” for continuous operation, and “1” is for one-off operation.


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