Code Printer Machine DY-8: FAQ

- Monday, August 5, 2019

Q: Why does the manual coder DY-8 not code after startup?

A: (1) If the temperature is too low, adjust the temperature adjustment knob in time.

     (2) If the heat-sealing time is short, and appropriately adjust the temperature or extend the heat-sealing time.

     (3) The front and back of the ribbon are incorrectly installed. If so, reinstalled the ribbon.

dy-8 code printerQ: How to solve the code damage or partial damage?

A: The reason may be that the temperature is too high when coding. Solution: Reduce the temperature or shorten the heat-sealing time.

Q: Why does the manual code printer not print clearly or evenly?

A: (1) The copper characters are not installed flat or the copper characters are inconsistent. If so, the copper characters need to be reinstalled or the position of the copper characters should be adjusted;

      (2) The pressure under the handle is too light. If so, increase the pressure.


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