How does liquid capsule filling machine work?

- Monday, May 20, 2019

As we can see, most capsules contain powder, yet there are also various liquid gel capsules in the market. So how does liquid capsule filling machine work?

Here we are talking about is mechanical filling.

How to fill gelatin capsules with liquid? Generally, the capsule production operation can be divided into manual operation, semi-automatic operation, fully automatic gap operation and fully automatic continuous operation. In addition to manual operation, mechanical filling capsules can be divided into the following processes: plastic shell arrangement, calibration direction, plastic shell separation, drug filling, plastic shell closure and delivery.

liquid capsule filling machine

The liquid capsule filling machine is provided with a feeding mechanism, a liquid adding mechanism, a pressing mechanism, a bag discharging mechanism and a turntable mechanism, and the feeding mechanism. The liquid adding mechanism, the pressing mechanism and the bag discharging mechanism are rotationally connected by the turntable mechanism. The liquid adding mechanism includes a liquid adding cabinet, a liquid storage tank, a chestnut body, a piston rod and a rotating shaft. The filling cabinet is fixed on the body. The liquid storage tank and the chestnut body are fixed on the liquid filling cabinet. The chestnut body is placed vertically, and the piston rod and the rotating shaft are respectively disposed on the chestnut body from both axial ends. The inner end of the piston rod and the inner end of the rotating shaft extend into the body cavity of the chestnut, and the outer end of the piston rod is connected with a lifting drive mechanism for driving the lifting of the chestnut. The outer end of the rotating shaft is connected to a rotary drive mechanism that drives the reciprocating rotation of the chestnut. A liquid inlet interface and a liquid outlet interface are radially extended on the chestnut body, and the liquid inlet interface and the liquid outlet interface are connected with the chestnut body cavity, the liquid inlet interface is connected with the liquid storage tank, and the liquid supply interface is connected with the liquid addition output. The tube has a radial through hole in the inner end of the chestnut body cavity, and the radial through hole is sequentially switched and communicated with the liquid inlet interface and the liquid outlet interface as the rotary drive mechanism drives the rotary shaft to rotate back and forth.

The NSF capsule sealing machine seals the cap and the body of the capsule at high speed. With this device, the operator can input the hard capsule for processing, and then add the liquid medicine to the capsule through the liquid adding mechanism. The device presses the capsule to which the liquid medicine is added through the pressing mechanism, and finally outputs the capsule through the bagging mechanism. The capsules which are pressed in this way have a good sealing effect.


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