How to Improve Accuracy of Pill Counting Machine

- Monday, September 2, 2019

Pill counting machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, health care, food and other industries. Its accuracy is extremely important for manufacturers of medicines, foods and consumers. Inaccurate granulators may cost economic losses to pharmaceutical and food manufacturer. What’s worse, they make a negative impact on consumers.

In the article "5 Factors affecting Accuracy of Pill Counting Machine", the factors affecting its accuracy are mentioned, so it is also possible to find ways to improve the accuracy of the pill counter based on these factors.

Correct operation

Keep the equipment horizontal to avoid high and low unevenness. Secondly, it should be preheated for 5 to 10 minutes by appropriate start-up, so that the counting machine can work stably and normally. In addition, the operator should pay attention to the situation of feeding in time, and solve some unexpected situations in time.


1. For some larger materials, consider adding another layer of baffles, which can improve the efficiency of several particles to some extent.

2. Pay attention to the influence of static electricity on the equipment. Non-polar materials can be installed and grounded power cords can be added to the shroud to prevent static electricity.

Parameter setting

For different types of materials, the speed and transport speed of the particles can be adjusted. Especially for some larger materials, reduce the speed of the particles appropriately, which though reduces the transport speed to some extent, but improves the accuracy of the counting speed.


1. Set appropriate oscillation frequencies for capsules, tablets, and pills.

2. In order to prevent the accumulation of dust and particles from blocking the infrared rays, it is necessary to clean the fully automatic counter. In addition, the equipment should be maintained in a timely manner to keep the equipment in a healthy and healthy state, which extends the service life of the equipment.


Since the moisture in the air and natural light affect the infrared receiver, the counting machine needs to be used in a dry indoor environment. Do not use this equipment in high temperature, humidity, acid and alkali environments.


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