LSV-C100 Capsule Polishing Machine: Operation

- Friday, August 2, 2019

Check the following items before running

  • Check the machine parts, fasteners, and connecting screws for looseness.
  • Verify that the wiring is correct and that the ground terminal is well grounded.
  • Confirm that the input power and power cord plugs meet the requirements for use which must have grounding protection.
  • Turn the speed control knob on the control panel to the minimum and connect the power cord.

Trial run:

  • 1) Turn on the power switch and the machine starts to run.
  • 2) Adjust the speed control knob to observe the vibration, noise and stability of the machine.
  • 3) Put a small amount of empty capsules and finished capsules from the feed port, adjust the speed control knob, and choose the appropriate speed.
  • 4) Intake the clean compressed air, check whether the compressed air line is unobstructed, and observe the separation of the empty capsule at the exit. Adjust the air pressure to 0.3m3/min by adjusting the filter pressure reducing knob, so that empty capsules can be collected smoothly and the finished capsules are smoothly discharged.
  • 5) Turn on the vacuum cleaner, check if the vacuum line is clear, and if the vacuum cleaner is normal.
  • 6) If there is no abnormality, adjust the speed control knob to the position of 10 scale and run for 3 minutes without load.
  • 7) When the abnormal situation occurs, the running switch should be turned off immediately, and the capsule polishing machine stops running.

LSV-C100 capsule polishing machine

Formal operation:

  • Move the capsule polishing machine to the discharge port side of capsule filling machine, and lock the casters so that the feed port of the machine is docked with the discharge port of capsule filling machine.
  • Place the finished product bucket under the discharge port, turn on the power switch and turn on the switch, and the machine starts to run (Please confirm the speed control knob at 0 scale before turning on the power).
  • Adjust the speed control knob to the position of 5 to 6 scale and turn on the vacuum cleaner and compressed air source.
  • Run the capsule polishing machine.
  • According to the speed of the capsule filling machine, the operating speed of the capsule polishing machine is finally determined.
  • When the production is finished, the capsule filling machine should be turned off first. After all the capsules in the barrel to be polished are discharged, turn the speed control knob to the minimum, then turn off the capsule polisher and disconnect the power.

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