Machine Troubleshooting Guide: LSV-C100 Capsule Polisher

- Friday, August 9, 2019

The capsule polisher and sorter is a common electric processing tool.  But in capsule polishing procedure, there may occur some problems.  In order to better operation, we have provided some solutions here.

NO. Malfunction State Malfunction Cause Obviating Method

Machine doesn’t run after being powered

Poor contact of power plug and socket Check and repair.
Cable loose.
Switch or governor damage. Replace switch or governor.

Low capsule polishing speed

Caster loose. Lock the casters and make them touch the ground.
Brush is abnormal. Check the brush and replace the brush if necessary.
The brush tube and the middle shaft are not fixed. Tighten the fastening screws on the brush.
3 Big noise from middle shaft Middle shaft loose. Reinstall the shaft of the brush and its upper and lower attachments.
4 Polishing cylinder shakes seriously. The middle shaft, adapter and drive shaft are not firmly connected. Open the polishing cylinder cover and check that the brush and adapter and drive shaft, the middle shaft of the brush and the upper dome are firmly connected.
5 Bad vacuuming The vacuum cleaner is not working properly. Check the vacuum cleaner and the suction line.
Vacuum cleaner power is insufficient. Pleasepurchase our vacuum cleaner.
6 When removing the waste capsule, the empty capsule is not clean. The pressure of the regulating valve is too low. Increase the pressure of the air pressure regulating valve; the pressure at the time of removing loose powder is 0.3m3/min.
7 Polishing is not thorough. Serious brush wear Replace the new brush.
Capsule surface is too sticky. Control the humidity of the environment, mix it with talcum powder and then polish it.
Too much capsules Reduce the amount of capsules delivered.
Vacuum cleaner lack of suction Regularly maintain the filter bag of the vacuum cleaner.
There are debris on the surface of the brush. Regular clean brush.
The vacuum part is not tightly sealed. Replace the seal of the vacuum part.
8 Finished capsules are removed The pressure of the air regulator valve is too high. Lower the pressure of the air regulator valve.
Large difference in capsule capacity Increase the capacity of capsules.

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