Material Recycle – Capsule Separator

- Tuesday, September 24, 2019

In the pharmaceutical field, powder leakage or capsule damage may occur during the preparation of the capsule. In order to avoid waste, capsule disassembly is required at this time. The traditional capsule dismantling method of the pharmaceutical factory is manual disassembly, which is time consuming and laborious. Not only the labor cost is greatly increased, but also the efficiency is low, and the profit obtained is reduced.

The capsule separating machine is a new member of the capsule production equipment and it is a highly efficient small device for completely opening the capsule. It solves the irreversible problem of the capsule filling process perfectly, and solves a problem that has long plagued the majority of pharmaceutical manufacturers. The device can quickly and completely separate the body and cap of the already joined capsule. The capsule separator reduces labor costs and unnecessary material loss, improves pharmaceutical efficiency, and increase corporate profits.

capsule separator

Working Principle

The machine utilizes the principle of biomimetics. The left and right AB molds are equipped with 100 movable swing arms. The capsules are sucked into the die holes of the die plate by the negative pressure of the fan. When they are transferred to the cut points of the two plates, capsules are positioned by the limit steel pins. The swing arms of the two die plates respectively divide the cap and body of the capsule, and the die plate rotates to separate the capsules, thus the caps and bodies of the capsules respectively exit from different discharge ports.


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