Micro Powder Mill Machine YF150 Precautions and Maintenance

- Friday, October 11, 2019

To get the most out of our Powder Mill Machine, read the following Precautions and Maintenance.


1. The power supply shall be earthed for personal safety.

2. The materials to be pulverized shall be dry, the machine is not suitable for pulverizing Chinese herb with moisture and oil.

3. The amount of the materials shall not exceed 2/3 of the pulverizing chamber, enough space is required for the pulverizing to avoid overload protector tripping.

4. The machine cannot be continuously used for a long time, and each time, the operation time shall not exceed 5 minutes. If there are many materials need to be pulverized, use the machine discontinuously, and continue to use the machine after it is cooled down. Otherwise, long-term using will lead to the overheating of the bearing and the motor will be damaged.

5. Please make sure that the cover is well closed before operation.

6. If the machine has been used for a long period, please check the carbon brush and blades for before operation, and replace with new one if they wears out.

7. Before operation, please check whether the blade fixing screws loosen , and whether the blades rotates normally. If there is any abnormality, tighten the screw first.

8. During operation, if there is any screws loosened or abnormal sound, please shut down the power immediately, turn off the power and check for reason. Please do not use the machine until the problem is resolved.

9. Do not open the upper cover during the operation. Turn off the power after pulverizing, unplug the power supply, and then open the upper cover.

10. The machine motor is brush motor. it is a normal phenomenon that if there is a slight spark while booting, or peculiar smell because of the friction of carbon brushes, please don't worry.

11. Each time after pulverizing, shut down the machine, turned off the power, remove residual materials, and check whether there are any machine parts damaged, and then close the upper cover, and store in a well ventilated place.


Required environment

Room temperature; do not use the machine in an environment of high temperature, humidity, acid and alkaline for a long time, so as not to affect Powder Mill Machine service life.

Required tools and materials

a brush, alcohol, a dry soft cloth, a brush, a plum screwdriver, and professional tools.

Please check before operation

a) Whether there is any debris in the pulverizing chamber.

b) Whether connecting bolts and nuts loosen.

c) Whether the timing switch is at the start point.

d) Whether the power supply is normal and the power cord is damaged.

e) Whether the machine is well grounded.

f) Pilot run for 3 minutes, observe whether the machine is in good conditions, and any abnormalities shall be resolved in time.

After every shift

The machine is used, the pulverizing chamber needs to be cleaned with a brush, then be disinfected with alcohol, and finally be wiped with a dry soft cloth.


use alcohol to clean and maintain the machine mechanism, such as pulverizing chamber and blades.

Regular maintenance

a) After using for a period of time, inspection is required; check whether the connecting bolts and nuts are loosened, and whether the electrical connection ends are abnormal.

b) Check whether pulverizing blades are blunt. If necessary, replace with new pulverizing.

c) blades.


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