Problems often encountered in the process of tablet coating and solutions

- Friday, May 24, 2019

Tablet coating is a difficult formulation process technology. In the process of using the tablet coating machine, because the amount of temperature, time, syrup, talcum powder is constantly changing, and the impact of factors such as the quality of the coating material, the hardness of the core, the moisture, the rotation speed of the coating machine, the angle, the loading, etc. is various, there will be many unpredictable problems in the production process.


1. Excessive wetting.

Excessive wetting means that the spray rate is faster than the drying speed, so that there is no balance between spray and dry. This phenomenon can cause the tablets to stick to the wall of the pot or to bond the tablets to each other. Therefore, the final formed film is broken and unevenly distributed.

Solution: Control the spray speed and increase the air intake speed. In addition, the addition of talc or magnesium stearate to the coating solution can also improve this condition.

2. Syrup, talcum powder non-stick pan

Partial wall non-stick syrup and talcum powder may occur during the coating process. If the exposed area is too large, it may cause the tablet to rub and discolor.


1.1 Check if the wax on the wall is washed. The wall can be washed with 100 ° C water, or a layer of syrup can be applied to the wall and then a layer of talc is dried.

2.1 Check if the angle of the coating pan is too small. The angle of the pot can be appropriately enlarged by 35°-40°.

3. Difficulty in lighting.

After the tablets are finished, the light needs to be polished. However, there is sometimes a problem that the surface brightness of the tablet is not changed or even rough.

Solution: Reduce the temperature in the pot to room temperature to fully evaporate the surface of the tablet. Sucrose precipitates fine and uniform crystals on the surface, which is good for lighting.

In short, there are many factors affecting the quality of tablet coating, and there are many problems that may arise. These are just some of the questions that the editor has summarized.


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