QVC Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying Maintenance

- Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Equipment installation environment

It is required to be room temperature, and it is not easy to use it in high temperature, humidity, acid and alkaline environment, so as not to affect the service life, efficiency and precision of the equipment.

Use tools and materials

Dry soft cloth, compressed air, clean water

Pre-use check

(1) It is necessary to check for any foreign matter on the vacuum hopper or the like.

(2) The reliability of the compression air pressure joint should be dealt with in time if there is looseness or leakage

(2) Observe whether the power supply is normal and the power cord is damaged.

(3) The Vacuum Conveying Maintenance should be well grounded.

(4) Test run, observe whether the machine has abnormal conditions, and there are abnormal conditions, which should be resolved in time.

After use

After each shift is used, the loading machine needs to be cleaned.


(1) Release the clamp and remove the vacuum generator assembly. The vacuum generator, the back air bag and the cover are connected together, and the piece does not need to be washed with water.

(2) Remove the filter assembly and blow the powder on the filter tube with compressed air. The PE filter should not be washed with water. Do not brush the filter surface with a hard brush to avoid damage to the film.

(3) Loosen the clamp, remove the vacuum hopper, wash it with water, and dry it.

(4) Clean the machine. Wipe the outside of the machine with a soft, dry cloth. If there is a lot of dust and there is no wipe, it can be cleaned with compressed air.

(5) When wiping, pay attention to whether there are loose screws on the machine. If there is any looseness, it should be tightened immediately.

Regular maintenance

(1) Clean the vacuum hopper regularly.

(2) Regularly keep the airflow at the air outlet smooth.

(3) Regularly check the sensitivity of the buttons of the control box.

(4) For a long time, it should be placed in a dry place and covered with a cover cloth.


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