Top 5 Tablet Coating Machine Manufacturers in Germany

- Wednesday, May 17, 2023

For businesses involved in this industry, Germany, which has the largest pharmaceutical market, offers a wealth of opportunities. Modern tablet coating technology is offered by the top manufacturers of tablet coating equipment in the world, including the top 5 in Germany.

These German producers are well-known exporters of premium pharmaceutical goods as well as machinery and production lines, including tablet coating and tablet press equipment, processing and packaging solutions, and processing and packaging solutions.

This article examines the German tablet coating machine market in great detail and highlights the major developments.

List of Top 5 Tablet Coating Machine Machine Manufacturers

Here is a list of the top 5 tablet coating machine manufacturers in Germany:



Head Office



Waiblingen, Baden-Württemberg


L B Bohle

Ennigerloh, NRW


Lodige Process Technology

Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia



Karlsruhe, BW



Ruian, China


1. Syntegon

Head Office

Waiblingen, Baden-Württemberg

Company Background and Information


Germany's Waiblingen is home to Syntegon Technology GmbH, a global provider of specialized equipment for process and packaging technology.

The company was founded in 1969. A wide range of services, including the production, processing, filling, inspection, and packaging of both solid and liquid pharmaceuticals, are provided by the company to the pharmaceutical sector.

Additionally, it offers cutting-edge equipment like tablet presses and coaters to further improve the caliber of its services.

Syntegon Technology GmbH offers a variety of machinery for the manufacturing sector, including mixers, granulators, and dryers.

syntegon tablet coating machine

To assure the exact and effective production of pharmaceuticals, the company also provides processing solutions, such as tablet presses, capsule fillers, and tablet coaters.

A variety of technologies, including checkweighers, metal detectors, and X-ray inspection systems, are used in the inspection and packaging services provided by Syntegon Technology GmbH to guarantee the quality and safety of the products.

Equally extensive are the company's packaging options, which include a variety of choices like blister packaging, strip packaging, and sachet packaging.

Syntegon Technology GmbH offers customized solutions in addition to its basic goods and services to satisfy the unique needs of its clients.

The business has a group of skilled specialists who collaborate closely with clients to provide solutions that are specifically suited to meet their needs.

In general, the goods and services offered by Syntegon Technology GmbH are created to deliver premium pharmaceuticals quickly and affordably.

The company has become a trusted partner for numerous pharmaceutical companies worldwide thanks to its emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer service.

Key Products

Solidlab 1 is a drum coater module, while Solidlab 2 is a related technology. Sepion is an advanced tablet coating solution that sets a new standard in the industry.

Reasons For Recommendation

Syntegon's smart solutions offer a superior and secure production environment, ensuring effective and dependable operations.

They can execute several tasks with their versatile devices, which has the advantage of saving space and money.

The company's coating solutions are reliable and sustainable, enabling high-quality and effective production.

2. L B Bohle

Head Office

Ennigerloh, NRW

Company Information And Background

l b bohle

L.B. Bohle, which was founded in 1981, is one of the top producers of cutting-edge technology for the pharmaceutical sector.

The business is well known for its proficiency in the design and utilization of machinery used in the pharmaceutical industry.

For the production of pharmaceutical tablets, L.B. Bohle provides a variety of automated and well-designed equipment systems, including ones for weighing, blending, and coating tablets.

l b bohle tablet coating machine

L.B. Bohle has earned a reputation as a reliable partner for pharmaceutical firms all over the world because of these cutting-edge technologies that allow for the efficient and dependable production of high-quality medications.

A well-known producer of cutting-edge machinery and technology for the pharmaceutical sector is L.B. Bohle.

The company provides a wide range of goods and services aimed at improving the effectiveness and caliber of pharmaceutical production.

L.B. Bohle offers granulation and blending solutions in addition to its automatic and efficient machine systems for making tablets.

The granules produced by the company's granulation systems are of the finest quality since they process materials precisely and effectively.

The blending systems from L.B. Bohle also offers a dependable and effective method for combining and homogenizing pharmaceutical portions.

The tablet coating solutions from L.B. Bohle offers a dependable and sustainable coating process, resulting in high-quality and effective production.

In addition, the business provides a number of services, such as installation, training, and maintenance, to help its clients.

The attention to detail of L.B. Bohle to quality and innovation is demonstrated by the company's ongoing development of new tools and technology.

Modern facilities and skilled staff at the company guarantee that its goods and services uphold the highest levels of excellence.

L.B. Bohle is a dependable partner for pharmaceutical firms all over the world because of its products and services, which are all created to enable effective, dependable, and high-quality pharmaceutical manufacture.

Key Products

Among the coating machinery produced by L B Bohle are the Laboratory coater-BFC, Tablet coater-BTC, and Continuous coater-KOCO.

Reasons for Recommendation

The company has considerable expertise in installing and running multiple systems all over the world, offering consumers dependable and affordable solutions that put environmental sustainability and resource protection first.

The company provides exceptional solutions that satisfy the highest standards of quality and efficiency by using its highly qualified and experienced workforce and technology leadership.

3. Lodige Process Technology

Head Office

Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia

Company Information And Background

lodige process technology

Lodige, established in 1938, is a well-known provider of top-notch machinery run by knowledgeable and experienced personnel.

As a leading global manufacturer of mixers, coating systems, granulators, dryers, and reactors, the company provides a variety of cutting-edge solutions to satisfy the demands of clients all over the world.

Particularly in the field of pharmaceuticals, Lodige is famous for its proficiency in the planning and design of process equipment and partial systems of the highest quality.

A valued partner for pharmaceutical businesses worldwide, the company's cutting-edge technologies enable the efficient and reliable production of high-quality medications.

The caliber of Lodige's goods and services reflects its dedication to innovation and excellence. Modern facilities and a highly skilled workforce enable the business to offer customers solutions that are up to the highest standards of effectiveness and quality.

As a whole, Lodige is a top producer of top-notch machinery and a dependable partner for pharmaceutical firms all over the world, supplying creative and dependable solutions that allow for the effective and sustainable production of drugs.

lodige process tablet coating machine

Key Products

Lodige offers a Coater System as part of their range of high-quality equipment, which includes laboratory machines for coating purposes.

Reasons For Recommendation

The business is renowned for its extremely inventive and reliable products that cater to consumers all over the world.

The user-friendly equipment from Lodige is simple to handle and use, making it the perfect option for clients looking for trustworthy and effective solutions.

The company has developed a reputation for providing top-notch goods and services that adhere to the highest standards of quality and efficiency. It has decades of expertise supplying pharmaceutical machinery abroad.

4. Romaco

Head Office

Karlsruhe, BW

Company Information And Background


Based in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Romaco Holding GmbH was founded in 1991 as a distributor of packaging and process technologies.

The company provides a variety of goods, including filling systems, tubes, capsules, blister packaging equipment, and cartons.

Romaco Holding GmbH is a key player in the German Management of Companies and Enterprises Industry and is recognized as one of Europe's top sellers of automated solid dosing systems.

For the manufacture of solid and liquid dosage forms such tablets, capsules, powders, and liquids, Romaco provides cutting-edge pharmaceutical solutions.

High-speed tube filling and tube closure, capsule filling, and tablet compression are some of their technologies.

Romaco offers packaging solutions for dairy, confectionery, coffee, tea, and other dry, wet, and viscous products for the food industry.

Additionally, they provide inspection systems for detecting foreign objects and quality control.

Romaco offers machinery for the manufacture of fine chemicals, speciality chemicals, and APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) in the chemical sector. They use granulation, coating, drying, and blending methods.

Romaco Holding GmbH is dedicated to offering customers cutting-edge, dependable packaging and process technology solutions. Their goods and services are made to assist clients in increasing productivity, profitability, and efficiency in their business operations.

Key Products

There are three types of tablet coaters with perforated coating pans available with Romaco: the laboratory tablet coater, the standard drum tablet coater, and the Tablet Coater Optima.

romaco tablet coating machine

Reasons For Recommendation

The Romaco Group is a reputable company that offers the global market extremely effective and efficient solutions.

The company has built a reputation for providing high-quality goods and services, leading to a sizable and happy customer base globally.

The Romaco Group is dedicated to offering cutting-edge, sustainable solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.

5. Introducing iPharmachine

Company Information And Background


iPharmachine is a company that specializes in the production and sale of various pharmaceutical machinery and equipment.

Tablet presses, capsule fillers, powder mixers, granulators, and other packaging machines are just a few of the many products the company sells.

After being established in 2005, iPharmachine has grown to now provide services to clients in more than 80 nations.

The business takes great satisfaction in providing reliable, high-quality machinery at affordable pricing.

In addition to selling pharmaceutical equipment, iPharmachine offers its clients technical assistance and post-purchase support.

The business employs a group of skilled engineers and technicians who can help with setup, instruction, and troubleshooting.

iPharmachine's overall goal is to give pharmaceutical companies and other companies in the sector affordable alternatives.

The business aims to provide cutting-edge, effective, and trustworthy goods and services to satisfy its clients' changing needs.

Product Recommendation

ipharmachine tablet coating machine

Looking for a high-quality tablet coating machine that will exceed your expectations? Look no further than iPharmachine’s innovative equipment!

The machine is designed to coat the outer surface of medicine tablet cores with a layer of sugar or film.

The machine is the result of the integration of strong current, weak current, hydraulic pressure, and pneumatics, and is an improvement on the original common sugar-coating machine.

It is made up of the main machine, controllable room-temperature hot air system, automatic liquid and air feeding spray system, and more.

With its main motor, you can easily adjust the speed through frequency conversion, giving you complete control over the process.

And with the high atomization sprayer, the high-pressure air flow forms a negative pressure in the inner cavity of the sprayer, which atomizes and sprays the coating liquid on the surface of tablets, evenly covering their cores.

iPharmachine’s machine also features controllable room-temperature hot air in the coating pot to quickly dry the tablets, resulting in a solid, fine, complete, and smooth film.

It is simple to operate, saves auxiliary materials, and is easy to maintain, making it the optimal equipment for tablet coating.

Plus, it gives your tablets a smooth and bright surface that will impress your customers.

Don't settle for less than the best - choose this innovative tablet coating machine for your pharmaceutical needs!

Here are some of the key features;

  •  Excellent Fill Accuracy NJP-1200D, an automatic capsule filling device with an hourly output of 72,000 capsules.
  •  NJP-4000D Automatic Capsule Filling Machine, 240,000 capsules per hour capacity.
  •  NJP-7500C, an automatic capsule filling device with a 450,000-capsule-per-hour output.
  •  NJP-1200C Automatic Capsule Filler and Encapsulator (72,000 capsules per hour output)

Key Products

iPharmachine offers efficient tablet coating machines, including the Coating Machine BG-600E and BYC Type Tablet Coating Machine.

Reasons For Recommendation

iPharmachine offers high-quality tablet coating machines that are reliable and efficient, ensuring smooth production processes.

The company provides excellent customer service and support to ensure that customers have a positive experience with their purchase.

iPharmachine offers competitive pricing for their tablet coating machines, making them an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.


Germany is known for its concentration of pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers, and among them are a few tablet coating machine manufacturers with extensive experience in coating, laminating, calendering, and drying systems.

The competitive environment and company profiles of these key manufacturers are included in the report. The fact that these companies hold leading positions in the global market is a testament to their expertise in the field.

They offer innovative tablet coating machines and related equipment to the pharmaceutical industry.


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