Vibrating Granulator YK60: Installation & Maintenance

- Thursday, August 29, 2019


  1. This YK60 machine is packed in the wooden case. When you disassembly the wooden case, just put the machine in the appropriate place and flat pad so that you can use it.
  1. Electrical wiring devices is not restricted by the direction of rotation. The wiring is under the base, through the belt cover to connect with the switch, cable cards clamping.

vibrating granulator


  1. Usage: Operation the vibrating granulator machine, pouring the mixing materials into the hopper. It makes use of the rolling motion of rotating barrel, granulating the powder materials into granule by sieve, such as crushing blocks. The blocks into the hopper should be gradually added. Do not to put too much in order to avoid excessive pressure, thus causing the sieve become vulnerable.
  1. Note: If the powder stops to be put into the hopper, do not use shove, so as to avoid injuring hands. Use bamboo or stop the machine instead.


  1. Regularly inspect the machine, once a month. Check if there is flexible and wear of the worm gear, worm and bearing and other parts. If you discovery defects, you should timely repaired them, and stop to use.
  1. This machine should be placed in dry and clean indoor, where the atmosphere must not contain acids and corrosive gases, which will damage the machine.
  1. After you use the machine, you should remove the roller barrel for cleaning, and brush the remaining powder, and then set it properly to prepare for the next time use.
  1. If the machine will not be used for long time, the whole body should be wiped, cleaned, and coated with anti-rust oil in the surface of machine, and then be covered with cloth.

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