who invented stainless steel?

- Saturday, June 1, 2019

Stainless steel is a general term for a class of alloy steels which usually contain 10% to 30% chromium. This kind of steel is not as rusty as ordinary steel because its surface can form an oxide film, which has rust-proof properties. Stainless steel is used as a raw material in a large number of parts of pharmaceutical machinery, therefore understanding stainless steel can better select the machinery required.

Stainless steel mixer machine

The invention of stainless steel dates back to the First World War. During that time, because the British guns were so worn on the battlefield that they were barely usable, the military production department ordered Harry Brearley to study a new alternative. Thus, Harry Brearley began adding chromium to the steel to increase the melting point of the material. During the process of polishing and etching of metals, Brearley unexpectedly discovered that the alternative material is resistant to corrosion. Although this metal was originally invented for military purposes, in the later peaceful years, this type of steel began to be used in industries such as catering, construction, etc., and was popular all over the world. The following 100 years of stainless steel have completely changed the lives of human beings.

stainless steel/Harry Brearley


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