Top 5 Global Tablet Press Machine Manufacturers: The Definitive Guide

- Wednesday, July 3, 2024

When we think about purchasing tablet presses, who would we prefer? We would label 5 top tablet press manufacturers in this post, and this may be taken as a reference.

List of Top 5 Tablet Press Manufacturers



As a tablet press manufacturer, Syntegon is a company with 160 years of history. It aims at processing and packaging technology in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The company has more than 30 branches all over the world. “Intelligent and sustainable solutions for everyone” is the vision of the company.

This tablet compress machine manufacturer provides individual machines, automated systems, and services.

These tablet presses are efficient and easy to maintain and operate. Their uses range from R&D and pilot scale to high-volume production.

The software is deployed across the entire TPR. Its feeder and turret design also makes the TPR series suitable for MUPS (Multiple Unit Pellet System) tablets.

Product Highlights

Syntegon tablet press

The company's tablet presses mainly have the following three advantages. The relatively compact machine structure allows these tablet presses to require less space. This also makes cleaning the tablet press easier.

The second advantage is reflected in the powder-feeding system of the tablet press. Generally, the powder feeding system of a tablet press is driven by a single paddle. But Syntegon's tablet press has double paddles in the powder feeding system. The reserved holes also support the installation of a third paddle.

In terms of disassembly and assembly, their tablet presses have an integrated turret. It only takes 15 minutes to disassemble and assemble the turret alone. The disassembly and assembly of the whole machine can be completed in about an hour.



iPharMachine is a tablet press manufacturer with a history of 19 years. As a leading tablet press manufacturer in China, it started as a small company serving small pharmaceutical factories.

iPharMachine provides professional services to pharmaceutical factories all over the world. After the success of the packaging machine line, the capsule filling machine and tablet press machine line also started to operate.

Today, the company's tablet press production technology is quite mature. The company has a wide range of businesses.

19 years of experience has also improved the professionalism of the team in solving technical problems. iPharMachine will serve you wholeheartedly from machine purchase to machine maintenance and after-sales.

Product Highlights

iPharMachine mainly has the following hot selling tablet press models:

Take High-Speed Tablet Pill Press Industrial Machine GZPK as an example, many of its key components are imported and of high quality. The corrosion-resistant punching plate makes the service life of the machine longer. It also avoids possible contamination of the tablets.

High-Speed Tablet Pill Press Industrial Machine GZPK

The monitoring system can effectively monitor the work of the tablet press. It will automatically suspend the production of tablets when it encounters conditions such as mold damage. This system greatly reduces production costs and makes it possible for one person to manage multiple machines at the same time.

Of course, as the name of this machine says, its working efficiency is the biggest bright spot. It can compress 30,000-260,000 tablets per hour, greatly reducing the time required for the mass production of tablets.

Fette Compacting

Fette Compacting

Fette Compacting is the international market leader in the field of tablet presses as a member of Excellence United. The latter is an alliance for the manufacture of special machines for the pharmaceutical industry.

Since its origin in Germany in 1948, Fette Compacting has sold more than 5,000 machines all over the world.

Product Highlights

Fette Compacting tablet press

The tablet presses in Fette Compacting can be divided into three series——FE series, I Series, and P series. They do bulk production in the pharmaceutical industry well. They are also the first choice in the nutraceutical production and chemicals industry. 

The tablet presses of the FE series are flexible in use. It guarantees your efficient production and also helps to continuously improve it.

The “i” of the I series stands for: innovation, integration, intuitive operation, and intelligent product design. Users can monitor the operation conveniently. The self-developed app SmartInterface transfers real-time data to connected digital devices.

The compact and space-saving tablet press is available with single and double rollers. It can be used for single-layer and double-layer tablets.

The P-Series was developed to produce precise, quality, and process-safe machines at a lower cost. From small batches to very large batches, the P-Series can meet your demands.



Romaco is a leading international supplier of machinery and integrated systems. The company is committed to the development, production, and packaging of pharmaceuticals. It also has business in healthcare products, food, cosmetics, and chemical products.

Romaco is supported by more than 850 industry experts worldwide. It has more than 100 years of professional experience. At present, more than 12,000 machines have been sold to more than 160 countries.

Product Highlights

Romaco Kilian tablet presses

Romaco Kilian tablet presses can be used to manufacture single or multi-layer tablets. They are widely used in the pharmaceutical, industrial, and food industries. According to their characteristics, these tablet presses are divided into more than ten series.

The tablet presses are all of a great production speed. The reason for the high production efficiency is that the same machine can support dozens of forts to operate at the same time. The maximum production speed can reach 1,020,000 pieces per hour, and the machine can support 51-85 workstations to run at the same time.

The precise control of the processing enables to guarantee of the effect of sensitive materials. An efficient powder recovery system minimizes waste during production.

Natoli Engineering

Natoli Engineering

Founded in 1973, Natoli has been at the forefront of the tableting industry. Natoli manufactures punches and dies that are of unrivaled quality. It can provide all the technical knowledge and support equipment to maintain tablet quality. The company also makes its tablet presses.

The company is a leader in the research and development of steel grades for tablet presses, stamping coatings, and die design. The manufactured machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical. They are also put into use in the nutritional, confectionery, industrial, and veterinary sectors.

Product Highlights

Natoli Engineering tablet press machine

The biggest advantage of Natoli Engineering lies in its customized service. Before full-scale production begins, a dedicated team collects and analyzes data. Developing a tablet press can help identify and resolve potential tablet compression problems.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, this article has explored five of the top global tablet press machine manufacturers. Each company offers a variety of models with distinct strengths, from high-speed production to user-friendly designs and customizable features. Whether you require a machine for large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing or small-batch production, this guide provides a starting point for selecting the most suitable tablet press machine for your needs.


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