Powder Grinder Machine YF150

- Friday, October 11, 2019

Powder Grinder Machine YF150 by a motor, the pulverizing steels of the machine rotate at a high speed and pulverize materials by the impact and cutting among materials. The machine is suitable for processing and small batch production of materials in Chinese and Western medicine, food industry, chemical industry, scientific research institutions and other fields.


Place the machine on a stable platform, and remove the outer packaging.

Connect the machine to the power, and ensure earthing before use the machine.

Check if there is any debris inside the pulverizing chamber before operation, and make sure that pulverizing chamber is clean.

Blade replacement

The pulverizing blades of the Powder Grinder Machine had been upgraded to three-blades. Fix the screws under the pulverizing chamber with a Phillips screwdriver to prevent blades from slipping, and then counterclockwise unscrew the fastening nut.

Remove blades, and replace with new blades. Please install blades in order of ABC.(as shown on the right)

When install blades, also need to use a Phillips screwdriver to fix the screw to prevent blades from slipping, and then clockwise tighten the fastening nut.

Carbon brush replacement

The carbon brush is located on the side of the machine and has a black plastic nut there.

Counterclockwise unscrew the nut with a slot type screwdriver.

The carbon brush inside is visible after removing the nut.

Take out the old carbon brush and replace with a new one.

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