Top 6 Gummy Candy Machine Manufacturers in the World 2024

- Friday, April 26, 2024

In recent years, popular gummy products are not just gummy bears and worms anymore. Gummies are not limited to sweet or sour candies. They have begun to be fortified with vitamins and minerals. Thanks to their appealing looks and diverse flavors, these gummies are acceptable as healthy alternatives to traditional non-flavor, hard-to-swallow dietary supplements. In some areas, cannabis-infused gummies are being legally sold across stores for recreational or health purposes. The demand for different gummy variations is on the rise.

So, you get it - the gummy market is exploding! It might be a favorable time to start a gummy business. But how do you make your gummies stand out from others? A reliable piece of gummy manufacturing equipment matters. So, where should you look for such an efficient machine? We've handpicked 6 of the best gummy candy machine manufacturers. Each comes with different features and benefits. Here they are:

Top 6 Gummy Candy Machine Manufacturers


Company Name


Unique Selling Point




Offers innovative confectionery processing and packaging solutions for jellies, gummies, and hard candies. Both single machines and turnkey solutions are available.


Gummy Tech

United States

Serves pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries with high-quality gummy production and packaging equipment.




Creates reliable, complete gummy candy production lines for manufacturers across different time zones.




Provides budget-friendly gummy candy machines and manufacturing lines for small to medium-sized businesses worldwide.


Baker Perkins

United Kingdom

Supplies high-efficiency process systems and bespoke gummy making solutions to many top global brands.


Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec

United States

Offers complete gummy production lines, from traditional to state-of-the-art processing systems.


Our Picks for The World's 6 Best Gummy Candy Machine Manufacturers

#1 Syntegon

HEADQUARTERS: Waiblingen, Germany


Company Profile

Syntegon is a world-famous processing and packaging solutions provider. It left the Bosch Group in 2020. Since then, Syntegon has operated as an independent corporate brand. The company is known for intelligent, flexible, innovative food and pharmaceutical manufacturing systems. With more than 160 years of expertise, this award-winning company is committed to developing sustainable solutions. Syntegon is on a mission to improve people's lives on this planet with a comprehensive range of products and services.

Key Products

  • Makat HLM 35 RS
  • Makat HLM 35 RS Jumbo

Syntegon gummy machine

Syntegon offers an array of equipment for making gummies and jelly. Its solutions can produce a wide range of gummy variations, including mono, double-layer, triple-layer, side-by-side, center-filled, aerated, and more. The gummy production capacities can reach up to 6,000 kilograms per hour. Both stand-alone machines and complete production lines for gummy candy processing are available here.

#2 Gummy Tech

HEADQUARTERS: Phoenix, AZ, United States

 Gummy Tech

Company Profile

Gummy Tech is a division established by CapPlus Technologies for the development of innovative gummy candy machinery. The parent company is a leading production and packaging solutions provider that has been around for over 30 years. Powered by the extensive experience and expertise of the parent company, Gummy Tech has grown into an industry-leading gummy equipment manufacturer and a reliable partner for customers from small to large confection businesses.

Key Products

  • GT10.2
  • GT300
  • GT2400

gummy tech machine 1

gummy tech machine 2

gummy tech machine3

Gummy Tech offers a full range of gummy machinery. Their product portfolio includes gummy production systems, gusseted bag counters, gummy counters, coating machines, and other packaging equipment. Each is designed to boost the efficiency of the gummy manufacturing process. Whether you want to handle lab-scale or commercial-scale gummy production, Gummy Tech can have got you covered.

#3 Tanis

HEADQUARTERS: Oosterhout, Netherlands


Company Profile

Tanis is a Netherlands-based family candy company established in 1995. It started with producing kitchen equipment for hard and soft candies, bars, chews, and more. In 2014, Tanis expanded its product range and specialized in gummy and jelly production lines. The company has 300 employees and a network of agents across the globe. It's dedicated to providing customers with innovative gummy production systems and personalized support.

Key Products

  • 400 Compact
  • 800 Robotic
  • 400S-NS
  • 800 Robotic NS

Tanis gummy candy machine1

Tanis gummy candy machine2

Tanis focuses on integrated gummy production lines for confectionery, nutraceutical, and cannabis-infused products. Their gummy systems take care of every stage of the manufacturing process, from preparation, cooking, depositing, and cooling to finishing. Tanis gummy candy machines are available in starch and non-starch options, favored by customers with different preferences and needs.

#4 iPharMachine

HEADQUARTERS: Ruian, Zhejiang, China


Company Profile

iPharMachine is a famous Chinese nutraceutical machinery manufacturer. The company has built a strong customer base both at home and abroad. iPharMachine prides itself on cost-effective pharmaceutical and nutraceutical equipment for small to medium-sized businesses. In recent years, the company has set up product showrooms in different countries, allowing local customers to experience the optimal operation of their machines in person.

Key Products

iPharMachine gummy candy machines are ideal for small-sized startups. The company offers a variety of gummy candy machines that are controlled either by foot switch or PLC. Each piece of equipment can produce gummies and jellies of various shapes, flavors, and colors. In addition to high-quality machines, customized designs and configurations are available here.

#5 Baker Perkins

HEADQUARTERS: Peterborough, United Kingdom

Baker Perkins

Company Profile

Baker Perkins is a British food processing equipment manufacturer. Headquartered in Peterborough, England, the company was merged in 1920 by two businesses operated by two immigrants, Joseph Baker and Jacob Perkins, from North America. Today, Baker Perkins specializes in producing bakery, biscuits, confectionery, cereals, pet treats, and more. This century-old, world's leading company boasts advanced technologies and expertise in the design and manufacture of food machinery.

Key Products

  • Autofeed Weighing & Mixing System
  • Microfilm™ Cooker
  • Color / Flavour Addition (CFA) System
  • ServoForm™ Jelly & Gummy Depositors

Baker Perkins gummy bear machine

The Baker Perkins gummy machines allow for scale-up production for commercial purposes. In addition to depositors, there is an array of equipment to complete the entire gummy manufacturing process. They are feeders, cookers, color/flavor addition systems, and beyond. It's worth mentioning that all these Baker Perkins machines can be put together to create a flexible gummy production line.

#6 Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec

HEADQUARTERS: Chicago, United States

Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec

Company Profile

Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec is a well-established confectionery machinery manufacturer. With four advanced manufacturing facilities, the company focuses on designing, developing, and manufacturing processing equipment for food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries. With a history spanning over 96 years, the company has served more than 1500 customers around the world. Whether single machines or turnkey solutions, their machines have received positive feedback due to easy operation, maintenance, and cleaning.

Key Products

  • Jelly Depositor
  • Lab Depositor

Gummy Depositor Machine 1

gummy depositor machine 2

Latini's gummy-making equipment can produce gummies and jellies of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Their machines perform all the stages of gummy making, including blending, cooking, depositing, cooling, and packaging. Latini's machines feature a compact design and flexible configurations, which are ideal for lab- to small-scale production.

The Bottom Line

The right gummy candy machine can streamline your gummy-making process. And working with a trusted machine supplier is a quick way to find your perfect match. We're confident that our top picks of gummy candy manufacturers in 2024 can be helpful for you in the search for the ideal gummy candy machine.


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