10 Best Tube Filling Machine Manufacturers in the World

- Monday, February 5, 2024

If you work in the pharmaceutical or food industry, you probably know how important an efficient and durable tube filling machine is. It helps you precisely fill the required amount of product into various tube containers. In addition, it increases the efficiency of your production line and minimizes waste.

So, here comes the real question. Now that there are countless tube filling machine manufacturers around the world, how can you pick the best one for your project?

tube filler products

To help industry newbies who are struggling to find the right supplier, we have created the list of top 10 tube filling machine manufacturers in the world. These leading companies have the latest tube filling technology and most durable machines in the industry.

List of Top 10 Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Manufacturers

The key players in the global tube filling and sealing machine market are as follows:

  • IQ Designs
  • Apex Filling Systems
  • IpharMachine
  • Marchesini Group Beauty
  • Katahisado
  • EFM Machinery BV
  • Lodha International
  • Royal Pack Industries
  • PPS A/S

Keep reading to find out more detailed information about them.



Headquarters: Wronki, Poland

Company Overview

Founded in 1992, NEWECO is a Polish company specializing in the development and production of tube filling and sealing equipment. For more than thirty years, the company has been active on the international market of tube packaging equipment. Customers in more than twenty countries around the world are using their equipment.

NEWECO tube filling machine company

NEWECO has a team of highly qualified people well versed in specialized technologies. From the very beginning until now, the company has been driven to develop newer iterations of tube filling and sealing equipment to meet the changing needs of its customers. The company also provides automation solutions for specific production lines to help customers increase productivity and reduce costs.

Key Products

 neweco tube filler

  • NTT-400A Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine
  • NTT-200 Semi-automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine
  • NTA-400A Aluminum Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Features & Benefits

  • The machine body is made of high-quality AISI304 stainless steel
  • Adopt hot air sealing technology
  • Machine output is up to 40 tubes per minute
  • Sealing parameters are electronically controlled
  • Laser sensor for tube positioning
  • Single or double-sided coding is available

2. IQ Designs

IQ design

Headquarters: Michigan, USA

Company Overview

Headquartered in Manistique, Michigan, IQ Designs, Inc. has been in business for over 30 years. IQ Designs, Inc. manufactures automated filling machines for the medical and laboratory diagnostic industries.

This company has recently started to work on adopting more sustainable business practices. One of the steps it has taken is to create a partnership with a local robotics team to reduce waste. Excess mechanical materials that used to go to waste are now donated straight to the local robotics team.

Key Products

IQ tube filler

  • IQ-TRX Test Tube Filling Machine

Features & Benefits

  • Can fill many different sizes of test tubes
  • Machine output is 2500 tubes per hour
  • With an automatic cap twisting function
  • Adjustable cap torque setting
  • Simple replacement of parts

3. Apex Filling Systems

Apex Filling Systems

Headquarters: Indiana, USA

Company Overview

Founded in 1997, Apex Filling Systems is a company that specializes in manufacturing filling equipment and providing liquid packaging solutions. Most of the company's customers are concentrated in North America.

Apex Filling Systems has a dedicated and passionate team. They are fully committed to providing their customers with the best equipment and latest technology in filling, capping and labeling. This company listens to its customers' needs and cares about their feedback.

Key Products

Apex Filling Systems tube filler

  • Apex Entry Level Tube Filling Machine
  • Apex Automatic Pump Tube Filling Machine
  • Economy Automatic Gravity Tube Filling Machine

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty 304ss freestanding frame
  • Available with 1 to 12 filling heads
  • Adjustable throttle valves on each filler head
  • Product level in the reservoir is automatically controlled
  • Automatic closing of the filling head

4. iPharMachine


Headquarters: Zhejiang, China

Company Overview

With over thirty years of development and sales experience in tube filling, iPharMachine is now widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical and packaging machinery.

The reputation built up over the years and the strict quality control are the basis for the company's ability to cross borders and thrive in international markets. iPharMachine is always on the lookout for breakthroughs in pharmaceutical packaging technology and is constantly investing in the development of new filling solutions.

iPharMachine filling machine factory

iPharMachine specializes in serving the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. It can provide customers in these industries with packaging solutions that are perfectly suited to their product needs. From machine design at the source to final on-site installation, iPharMachine strives for excellence every step of the way and is determined to offer its customers the best service and machines in the industry.

Key Products

Features & Benefits

  • High machine flexibility and low operating and maintenance costs
  • Equipped with a no-tube alarm and an overload alarm
  • Fully automatic filling and batch marking possible
  • The drive unit is mounted below the platform for operator safety
  • The filling and sealing parts are housed in a non-static visual cover for easy observation and operation.
  • Machine design and component materials are in accordance with GMP requirements.

5. Marchesini Group Beauty

Marchesini Group Beauty

Headquarters: Pianoro, Italy

Company Overview

Marchesini Group Beauty is a division of the Marchesini Group, one of the global leaders in packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. In 2005, the Marchesini Group created the Beauty division to fulfill the specific needs of the cosmetics industry for high-quality filling equipment.

Marchesini filling machine comapny

When it comes to filling and sealing cosmetic tubes, Marchesini Group Beauty can offer a wide range of products. This range of tube filling machines is highly sought after and has received positive feedback from users.

Key Products

Colibrì Rotary Tube Filling Machine

  • Colibrì Rotary Tube Filling Machine
  • Millennium Series Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Features & Benefits

  • Dedicated cart for wet part change during assembly
  • Combined hot air and metal folding closure system
  • Machine's touch screen control panel has self-diagnostic and assistance functions
  • Photocells for controlling the marker position on the tube

6. Katahisado


Headquarters: Osaka, Japan

Company Overview

Established in 1943, Katahisado is a well-known manufacturer of tube filling machines in Japan. This company mainly serves the food industry. In the beginning, Katahisado's business focused on the production of candy die-cutting machines. As the company grew and upgraded, filling equipment gradually became Katahisado's key product.

Katahisado tube filler company

As one of the pioneers in the field of tube filling machine construction, Katahisado has adapted its business scope to meet the ever-changing developments in the industry. For more than 70 years, the company has pushed itself to come up with a steady stream of new ideas, and has put them into practice by upgrading its line of filling machines.

Key Products

Katahisado tube filler

  • PF-21SS Automatic Tube Filler and Sealer
  • KX-250TZ Rotary Tube Filler and Sealer

Features & Benefits

  • Compact machine design saves installation space
  • Individual operations from filling to sealing
  • Easy adjustment of product filling volume by touch panel.
  • All stainless steel material to reduce the risk of contamination

7. EFM Machinery BV

EFM Machinery BV

Headquarters: Roelofarendsveen, Holland

Company Overview

EFM Machinery BV was successfully founded in 1997. It is now a globally recognized specialist in the field of tube filling. Innovative ideas are always at the forefront of the company's mind. Thanks to its experience and knowledge, the company has always been able to offer its customers innovative and customized packaging solutions.

EFM Machinery BV  company

EFM Machinery BV can also customize other related equipment for food companies to optimize their food packaging lines, such as cappers and labeling machines.

Key Products

EFM Machinery tube filler

  • MTL-100 Tube Filling and Capping Machine

Features & Benefits

  • The machine can process aluminum and plastic tubes
  • Built-in automatic feed buffer
  • Extremely open and accessible machine
  • Real quick and easy format changeover and application

8. Lodha International

Lodha International

Headquarters: Gujarat, India

Company Overview

Lodha International was established in 2008 and is now one of the biggest pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturers in India. This company is a family owned business and it has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing tube filling and sealing machines. To date, it has built and supplied thousands of machines to customers all over the world.

To offer the most innovative and reliable filling systems to customers in all industries, Lodha has invested heavily in filling technology innovations and has established a dedicated R&D laboratory.

Key Products

Lodha Tube Filler and Sealer

  • LI-TF Automatic Tube Filler and Sealer
  • LI-STF Semi-automatic Tube Filler

Features & Benefits

  • The fastest filling speed of the machine is 120 pcs per minute.
  • Capable of no tube no fill function
  • All contact parts can be customized according to customer requirements
  • Overload protection device for machine conveyor system

9. Royal Pack Industries

Royal Pack Industries

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Company Overview

Royal Pack Industries was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. This company holds a significant position in the Indian market for filling and sealing machinery. It can provide various types of filling equipment including tube filling & sealing machines, powder filling machines, and liquid filling machines.

The company has thrived on the back of its experienced team of technicians. These people have been working tirelessly and innovating their equipment.

Key Products

royal semi automatic tube filler

  • Royal Pack Semi-automatic Tube Filling Machine
  • Royal Pack Linear Tube Filling Machine

Features & Benefits

  • GMP compliant
  • Machine's filling range and speed are adjustable
  • Filling nozzles with anti-leakage and anti-stretching features
  • Cylinder piston and hopper made of 304 L stainless steel

10. PPS A/S


Headquarters: Birkrod, Denmark

Company Overview

PPS was founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of a large Danish mechanical engineering company and became an independent company in 2003. Since then, PPS has grown in line with customer needs and technological developments. Today, it is a well-known supplier of tube filling machines. It can offer a wide range of packaging equipment and customized solutions.

Key Products

PPS tube filling equipment

  • Tube filling machine model IMA C735
  • Tube filling machine model IMA C1290

Features & Benefits

  • Robotic tube feed system available
  • Easy disassembly and cleaning of the machine's metering pump
  • Customized seals are available on request

Final Takeaway

With such a huge and competitive filling device market, finding the right supplier of tube filling and sealing machine is really a tough decision. We hope that our list of top 10 global tube filling machine manufacturers will help you make the perfect choice. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact ipharmachine


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